Recovery, healing and sustainability

Rated 5 out of 5
April 4, 2024

I’ve recently been treated for cancer with radiation and hormone therapy. The treatment left me physically weak. I’ve always been fitness oriented but this time I was feeling hopeless and needed additional help. This book is perfect. I easily understood the exercises and the reasons behind them. They have helped me recover and heal and will remain part of my lifelong fitness plan.

Alan L. Smith

Important guide for any age

Rated 5 out of 5
December 1, 2023

I am an active and fit 80 year old woman. I know to maintain my health I have to maintain my body. I also know I can no longer run marathons or do impact type workouts. This book shows me the path to maintaining my lifestyle and understanding how to remain fit and active.

Catherine Armitage

Joanne Ang for Readers’ Favorite

Rated 4 out of 5
August 29, 2023

Expansional Balance: A Holistic Exercise Approach to Better Health and Fitness by Brian Dougan is a holistic health guidebook that bridges the gap between the regimental workout routine and the holistic approach to the health of the mind and body. The fitness industry often puts more emphasis on repetitive exercises to achieve each individual’s personal fitness goals, but the importance of endurance and fluidity is almost always forgotten. A holistic health approach will offer deeper insights into how and why flexibility and fluidity can improve one’s exercise routine immensely, leading to a better quality of life and satisfaction. Completed with extensive illustrations and explanations, Expansional Balance will equip readers with a better understanding of how to take control of their own minds and bodies.

Expansional Balance by Brian Dougan is an insightful guidebook toward holistic health and fitness to improve one’s exercise routine. This book offers a detailed explanation of how our body works, phrased in a clear and concise manner. Expansional Balance also points out to readers the subtle improvements that can be made when exercising, which can make a world of a difference to our bodies. I love how Brian also included examples of what should feel right in a wide range of exercises discussed in this book, putting emphasis on listening and responding to our bodies accordingly. I also love how detailed the illustrations are, and readers will be able to interpret and recreate these easily in their own homes. My favorite chapter has to be on flexibility, an often overlooked subject in fitness yet just as important as any other routine in a workout session.

Joanne Ang